Magdalena Abakanowicz taught at the State College of Arts in
Poznan, 1979-1990, and she was appointed a professor in
1979. She has been a visiting professor in the US.   

In the 1990s Magdalena Abakanowicz designed a model of an
ecologically-oriented city
, and has also choreographed dance.
Was born in Poland, near Warsaw,
to a family that traced its heritage back to
Genghis Khan. Her home life was
disturbed by the occupation of Poland by
Germany and then Russia.
She stayed in Poland through the years of
Communist rule and then through the
changes under the Solidarity movement
and afterwards.
Her sculpture often reflects the emotional
heritage of her political environment
"Agora" 106 iron cast figures,
each  about  9 feet tall, shell  like,
frozen  in walking movement.

They are permanently displayed  in
Chicago Grant Park along the Michigan
Av. and  Roosevelt Rd. The figures  are
similar in general shape, but different in
details. Models for each  figure  were
made by hand. The surfaces of figures  
are like a tree bark  or wrinkled face  
expressing a different individuality of
each sculpture. The figures were  cast
during two years 2004-2006 in the huge
industrial foundry  in Srem  near city of
Poznan (Poland). Then transported to
USA. The installation took  place in
October /November 2006.
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