Jenny Friedman began her works of goodness when  her children were little.  She had a three month
old and a six year old.   She was free lance writing at the time and felt that her life was very blessed
and very fortunate.
 She wanted to give back some how.  

Jenny started looking for opportunities to volunteer and help doing good organizations i her
community, but she had to be able to take her kids with her.  
She didn't want to give up her time with her children just to help out somewhere else.  
So her search began for place that would let her volunteer with her kids.

Meals On Wheels said they would be happy to have hers and the kids help.  Jenny then recruited her
friend, who was a stay at home with a three year old.  
The whole thing turned out to be a remarkably rewarding experience.  

The older people weren't particularly interested in seeing Jenny or her friend, but they were excited
about seeing the children   Their faces would light up when the kids would walk up to the door and
hand them their meal.  Jenny says
"I realized we could do a much better job of serving just by
having our kids with us.

The kids brought so much joy in to the lives of people who probably didn't see anyone
else all day.   Our kids got so much out of it too.  They thrived on all the kindness and
attention these older people gave to them."

Soon preschool and Kindergarten got in the way, so they started to look for other volunteer
"It was pretty difficult to find organizations that would welcome families as
says Jenny.  

Jenny started to do some research."I thought family volunteering is such a great
I wanted to find out more, and write about what a valuable experience this is for kids, for
families and for communities.   I wrote several free lance articles and eventually wrote the book
'The Busy Families Guide To Volunteering".

"After the book was published, I still felt like I wanted to do more to encourage families to
serve others.  That's why we started the nonprofit
Doing Good Together."  

"I had no experience in non-profits,
but my friend did, so she helped get it started.  Unfortunately
shortly after the organization was launched,  my friend Karen Pritz passed away from leukemia.  She
was a remarkable woman and it would have been fabulous for her to see all we have accomplished."  

"This certainly wasn't anything I did all by myself.  We have developed a wonderful board of
directors and have numerous volunteers. "  When asked how did you find your volunteers jenny said
"Once we started we found that there were so many families who were interested in
volunteering too.   They just didn't have the time or the resources to find out where they
could volunteer as a family.  People would be so excited when they heard what we were
doing, they would just all kind of hop on board.
  We had a lot of help.  So many people were
willing to give of their time to help get this thing started."    

"I think people are concerned about the messages that their children are getting and
they want to find ways to encourage the values of compassion, kindness, good
citizenship and caring about their community, and this is a good hands on way for them
to do this.
I have met some incredible people in the course of doing this.  
You run in to some really great people doing this type of work."

Maybe you would be interested in partnering with Doing Good Together to bring
family service opportunities to your community.

You don't need any experience, just an interest in doing good.  
Doing Good Together can partner with you and give you anything you need to know to get this started
where you live.  

No one wants another thing on their to do list,
but we can make such a huge difference by just giving
an hour a month, or a few minutes here or there.  

Doing Good doesn't mean it has to be something
that takes over your life.

A little bit of good goes a long way.  

This is a great way to start an epidemic of kindness and caring.

* * * Editor's Note:

This is one of those interviews I walked away from humbled, grateful, and infinitely hopeful.   

Jenny Friedman is just so earnest in what she is trying to do for others, and to make the world
a better place.  I am so glad there is someone like her walking around this earth.  

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