"After conducting my first Queen of the Forest Outdoor Education program for women,
I found it difficult to return to the every day life of working and caring for my family. Not
because I was tired, I felt as though I was renewed with energy! But this camp really
changed my perspective on the simple things, and on life in general. I felt brand new
feelings toward the same old things. My mind was bombarded with fresh, exciting,
and indescribably empowering attitudes. (So this is what a spiritual awakening feels
like!) Yet, when I tried to tell people about it, I found it difficult to express my
overwhelming feelings."

There is an ancient Indian saying that proclaims once you
think you have learned something you must teach it to others.

"Teaching is true learning. I’ve always enjoyed sharing my ideas with other
people, teaching and learning more about myself and my place in this
world in the process. During the weeks the QOTF camp, I found myself at a
“high” from which I could not get down."
"Refuse to be a victim
-- it's un-American."

Lock & Load

Shemane's Got
Something To Say!
"Washington is "beautiful -- I love to be here in the spring,"  
But the city "is a perfect example" of how "politicians roll out
the red carpet for criminals,"

"They continuously release convicted criminals
early and allow them to commit the same crimes
over and over,"   

"The policy is leaving law-abiding citizens
defenseless against paroled violent offenders with
rap sheets as long as my arm."

She calls District's near-complete ban on private firearms
ownership irrational.

"Banning guns out of fear of drive-by
shootings ... is like banning Krispy
Kreme doughnuts because too many
of us get fat and die of heart attacks,"
"Women use guns in self-defense nearly 2 million times a year,"
she says. "According to the NRA Women on Target instructional Shooting Clinic,
there has been a 1,008 percent increase in demand for instructional
gun-education classes since 2000."

She insists that women's right to self-defense is threatened by the mis-informed
gun control movement.

She called guns an "equalizer" for women and cited statistics to support her
belief that stricter gun control is unnecessary.

"To be left defenseless -- there will only be more victims,"
Now that we've
identified the
real enemy.....
"It started with an idea: on Ted's radio show,
Ted suggested that I have an all-women’s hunt, (although I
think he had something different in mind!) My phone didn’t
stop ringing until I booked up the first camp, and then there
were people on a waiting list who wanted me to add another
one, so I did, and it booked up swiftly, too.
In the back of my mind, I imagined that the
Queen of the Forest program should teach
women about more than just hunting.
It should
teach them about personal protection and self-defense,
survival skills, basic archery and handgun training, and
fitness and nutrition. "
"I thought this program could have great potential to make a
difference in peoples' lives, although I never realized how much."
To learn more about this
empowering program  for
It was almost as if I had a secret, or the recipe to a fountain
of youth that could change people’s lives. Along with over a
hundred other women, I experienced a life-changing event.
You can too!
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